After Hours Drop Off

How It Works

We offer a 24/7 drop-off service for your peace of mind

Get Your car here!
Fill out the Envelope Info
Drop Off Your Vehicle's key
We will Call to confirm receipt

Life can get busy and vehicle services and repairs can certainly sneak up on us all. Often times this means those repairs are left waiting until you have a day off, get off work early or find yourself with a lunch break long enough to take care of your vehicle. All the while hoping that that needed service hasn’t caused other issues. 

At J.J.’s Auto Service Center, we’re committed to making it easy for our valued customers to get their vehicle serviced and repaired. Our vehicle & key drop off is a service designed to accommodate customers whose schedules won’t allow them to bring in their vehicle during our regular business hours. No more waiting until schedules open up, now all you need to do is stop by, drop your vehicle off with us, and slip your keys in our mail slot at any time, and we’ll get in contact with you as soon as our next business day starts. 

If you would like to leave your vehicle outside of our regular business hours we provide an envelope you can complete and drop off in the mail slot at front entrance.

How To:

  1. Fill out the Drop-Off envelope. Envelopes are available in the Key Drop box
  2. Place your keys in the envelope in the Key Drop box.
    (located to the left of the main entrance door at the front of the building)
  3. We will contact you in the morning
  4. Please make sure you leave the keys…


Before we can perform any work on your vehicle we require the envelope to be signed.

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