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Tires, Rotation, and Balance

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Extend Your Tires' Lives With Rotation and Balancing

When your tires are unbalanced, they can wear down unevenly and cause vibrations in the car. This uneven wear can lead to further damage to the car, including performance and overall safety issues. Each vehicle has its own recommendations as to how often the tires should be rotated and the wheels balanced, and it's a good idea to follow these recommendations.

At J.J.'s Auto Service Center, we provide top-quality tire rotation and balancing services to keep your vehicle going in its best condition. Stop in anytime or contact us in advance to set up an appointment. We are happy to help and are proud to be a tire services provider in Waldorf, MD.

When Should You Have Tires Balanced?

First of all, any time you replace two or four tires on your car, the tires should be rotated and balanced. But even without a new tire installation, tires will start to show signs of uneven wear at around 1,000 to 2,000 miles. At 4,000 to 6,000 miles, regardless of your car make and model, you should have the balance and alignment checked. Qualified and experienced tire technicians can determine if balancing service should be performed based on the mileage of the vehicle and the visible wear and tear on the tires.

Some people rotate their tires by the seasons. If you rotate your tires when the snow comes, it makes the process easier to remember. While it's best to pay attention to your calendar for tire rotations, your car may tell you it's time. Here are some additional signs you can watch for that indicate a balancing job is necessary:

  • While driving, you notice vibrating in the car.
  • The treadwear is visibly uneven.
  • Steering the car becomes more difficult, less smooth, or pulls to one side, especially if this is noted over time with aging tires.

Benefits Of Balanced Tires

With a tire balancing service, you'll experience several benefits:

  • A much smoother ride
  • A better miles per gallon rate
  • Wear and tear on tires that are more even
  • Longer lasting tires and a longer lifetime for other drivetrain components

Tire Balancing And Tire Alignment

Your tires are an essential component of your vehicle. It's important to properly take care of them. Tire balancing and tire alignment are two important services that can keep your car functioning properly.

Tire Balancing

Usually, when new tires are installed, several small metal weights are clipped on, in various places around the rim to help correct any imperfections or imbalances from the tire manufacturing. The placement of these little clips is adjusted until the spin of the tire is consistent and steady.

Over time, the metal weights can move out of position and need to be readjusted. If you notice that any of these metal clips have moved or fallen off, it's time for a tire balancing service. Additionally, if you notice vibrating while driving or visible wear on your tires, you may need a tire balancing.

Tire balancing services are not usually expensive and are easy to perform. Just contact J.J.'s Auto Service Center with any questions or to set up an appointment for your tire balancing service.

Tire Alignment

The alignment of a vehicle's tires refers to the angles and placement of the tires. Tire alignment is generally categorized by three things:

  • Camber: the angle of the wheel
  • Caster: the pivot angle of the wheel
  • Toe: the angle of the tires, as related to the vehicle

Out Of Alignment?

When the tires are out of alignment, you may notice the tires wearing unevenly, vibrating while driving, or pulling toward one side or the other, as in the steering wheel turned to the side when going straight down the road. It can cause other issues for the whole vehicle like wear and tear on other parts including the suspension, axles, and wheel mounts. Fuel efficiency may also be reduced as the misaligned tires cause excess friction and heat.

If you notice any of the symptoms of misaligned tires, like uneven wear, pulling to the side, or vibrating, it's time to see a tire specialist for tire alignment service. J.J.'s Auto Service Center can get your tires back in the proper alignment.

Why You Need Both Tire Balancing And Tire Alignment

Tire balancing and tire alignment may sound like the same thing, but they are quite different, and both services are needed periodically to keep your car running smoothly down the road. When new tires are installed, they are aligned and balanced with the vehicle, but over time, tiny manufacturing imperfections as well as normal wear and tear can cause the tires and wheels to rotate slightly and this leads to further problems. Even new tires may have differences up to an eighth of an inch in tread thickness, and the disparity can become more pronounced over time and with normal wear.

When something's a little off with your tires and wheels, it's likely that both tire balancing and tire alignment services are needed. An experienced tire technician can determine if you need both of these services, or which would be best for your vehicle.

Tire Services At J.J.'S Auto Service Center

At J.J.'s Auto Service Center, we are proud to offer top-quality tires and tire services. We have served the Waldorf, MD area for several years, providing the best auto repair and maintenance services and customer services. Visit J.J.'s for all of your tire service needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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