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Do You Need to Perform Regular Service and Maintenance of Your Car Battery?

Regular service and maintenance of your car battery are very important for the overall health of your car. Due to the electrical nature of most vehicles today, your car battery not only helps your car function but also keeps your family safe when on the road.

If you are looking for a professional’s advice on the state of your battery, or are in need of battery maintenance, come to J.J.’s Auto Service Center in Waldorf, MD where we can serve all your battery needs.

The Purpose of a Car Battery

Your car’s battery is one of the most important parts of your car. Not only does it give power to your car’s electrical circuit, but it also helps your car’s engine start when you turn the key in the ignition. As your vehicle’s main power reserve, your battery both charges and draws energy from your engine in order to power many aspects of your car as it operates.

How to Spot a Bad Car Battery

A bad or failing car battery is relatively easy to spot. If you think you might be having battery problems in your car, don’t hesitate to get it looked at by an automotive professional right away. Some of the signs of a bad car battery are:

•             A sluggish engine: If it takes you a long time to start your engine or an extended amount of time for your engine to heat up, you might have a bad car battery.

•             Cranking sounds from your car: If you hear strange cranking sounds from your car as you drive, you might have a car battery that is going bad or starting to rust. A rusted car battery can be dangerous for other aspects under your hood so consider getting it replaced as soon as possible.

•             Your ignition flickers before turning on: If your car is slow to start in the ignition area and it takes you a couple of different tries before your engine turns on, this could mean that your car battery is starting to lose power abilities.

•             Your lights go out: If your headlights, interior cabin lights, or dashboard lights suddenly go out or gradually begin to flicker, this could be because of a bad car battery. Try turning them off and letting them rest for a while. If the problem continues, you should jump-start or completely replace your battery.

•             Your car won’t turn on: If your car won’t turn on at all, this might mean that your car battery is completely dead. If you turn the key to hear a ticking sound without your car turning on, it likely means you need a full battery replacement.

Why You Should Regularly Inspect Your Battery

It is important to regularly inspect your battery so that you have a professional’s advice on how much life your battery has left. Inspecting your battery can help detect cracks and damage before they turn into full battery leaks and therefore save future time and money. It can also help to keep your battery clean and properly connected in between battery replacements.

How to Inspect Your Own Car Battery

Along with regular inspections of your battery by a certified automotive professional, you should also learn the two main ways how to inspect your car battery yourself. These include:

•             Visually inspect the battery. Take a look at your car battery. If it is leaking, appears very rusty, or looks crusty and covered in dust, it might be time to ask a professional about servicing your car battery.

•             Drive your car. Go for a spin in your vehicle and try turning the car on and off a couple of times. If at any of the times you have trouble starting the ignition or hear a ticking noise, you should pay close attention to the condition of your battery.

J.J.’s Auto Service Center Can Help

If you are in need of regular car battery maintenance, you can trust your vehicle to J.J.’s Auto Service Center. Serving Waldorf, MD, and all surrounding areas, J.J.’s Auto Service Center offers free instant service quotes and friendly service you can trust. Visit our Special’s Section for great coupons and do not hesitate to give us a call to schedule your vehicle’s battery inspection and maintenance appointment today.



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