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How to Winterize Your Car

How to Winterize Your Car

Winter provides fierce conditions that are a hazard for all kinds of vehicles. To make sure your vehicle is ready for the chilly season, winterizing is critical. It is both important to be prepared for driving on terrible, slippery roads as it is to have your vehicle in peak condition. To help, we have put together a list of to-do’s that will get your car ready for winter. Let’s have a look. 1. Check the tires Make sure there is enough tread and that the tire pressure is correct. If the tires are worn, get yourself a new set. Some states will require tire chains, but in most places, a set of all-weather tires will be perfect. Areas that are prone to ice, sleet, and snow can be dangerous, though; so get yourself some winter tires, which have a much better grip on pavement. 2. Check the antifreeze and cooling system Did you know that the radiator should be refilled with new coolant (antifreeze) at least once a year? Before winter is the best time to do it, too. Use the ... read more



Here’s Your Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

How to Get Your Car Ready for the Season From road salt and potholes to rust and dirt, winter can be tough on even the most well-looked after cars. Spring offers the perfect opportunity to check in on their performance and stay ahead of any potential issues. When you give your car a little TLC in the spring, it goes a long way toward combating the ill effects of winter. From our team at J.J.'s in Waldorf, add these steps to your spring checklist to improve your car's condition and give it a fresh new start before summer. Inspect and Rotate Tires Tire maintenance is essential to keeping your car traveling safely. When warmer weather rolls around, be sure to check your tire pressure and fill tires according to your car's manual. If your tires have not been rotated in the last 5,000 miles, have them checked and rotated so that they wear evenly and handle well on the road. If the tread is looking too worn, it may be time ... read more



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